CSE at Chalmers Johanneberg
The main entrance for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is from Rännvägen 6 at Chalmers.

Map of Chalmers Johanneberg
Public transport:
Trams number 6,7,8, and 10 stops at Chalmers main entrance, together with bus number 16 and 58.
Bus number 19 stops at "Chalmers Tvärgata" on Gibraltargatan.
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By car:
Please use the map at Eniro, and search for "Chalmers tekniska högskola"
Parking: The nearest car park for visitors is at Rännvägen/Elektrovägen or at Gibraltarvallen, entrance Gibraltargatan - Engdahlsgatan (see map).



CSE at Lindholmen
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is also located at Lindholmen:
Jupiter building, Hörselgången 5, floor 4  Map
The CEDES project and the SAFER centre are both located in Navet Building, Lindholmspiren 5, Lindholmen Science Park

Map of Chalmers Lindholmen
http://www.chalmers.se/HyperText/map_lindholmen.ht ...
Public transport:
The easiest way to go by public transport between CSE at Lindholmen and CSE at Chalmers Johanneberg is to take bus number 16 or 55. Other buses that stops at Lindholmen: N:o 31, 99, 130, and 194.
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By boat:
The ferry Älvsnabben runs between Klippan - Eriksberg - Lindholmen - Lundbystrand - Stenpiren. CSE is located by the stop Lindholmen. 

Älvsnabbare runs shuttle between Stenpiren and Lindholmen. This trip is free of charge.

By car:
From Götaälvbron (bridge), Tingstadstunneln, route E6, E20, or route 45, drive towards Norra Älvstranden to Lindholmsmotet. Take left below the railway towards Lindholmen. Take Karlavagnsgatan to Lindholmen.
From Älvsborgsbron (bridge) drive towards Norra Älvstranden through the Lundbytunnel. Follow the signs "Norra Älvstranden" and then "Lindholmen".

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