Chalmers does not only pursue excellence in the areas of education and research. This university also creates forums where academics, community organizations and the private sector can meet and exchange ideas. In close collaboration with individuals and groups, we are strengthening the prospects for local and global sustainable development. We assume responsibility for ensuring that community organizations and the private sector apply our research in ways that advance our vision. We do not stop at producing skilled engineers and publishing interesting research findings.

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering conducts collaborative projects on many different levels. Our network of alumni, businesses and community organizations provides us with the perspective we need to understand our role in social and economic development. We are engaged in long-term cooperative ventures with industry, public sector organizations and teams of researchers at other universities. In the area of applied chemistry, we have an extensive industrial network that includes most of our large centres of excellence. The department will continue to devote major resources to our relationship with the private sector.
With targeted activities for students and teachers from the intermediate to upper secondary level we strive at engaging them with knowledge and inspiration. The purpose is to raise awareness and pique the curiosity of students about the role of chemical and biological engineering in efforts around sustainable development. Our alumni serve as highly effective ambassadors in carrying out this initiative.
Finally, our centres of excellence, which generate applied knowledge for industry and academia, further illustrate our focus on collaboration. They continously come up with new ideas and forging innovative solutions. 

Page manager Published: Tue 07 Dec 2021.