With targeted activities for students and teachers at the middle school to college, we want to inspire with knowledge, stories and experiments. We want to start the dialogue early with these audiences to raise awareness and curiosity in the importance of chemistry and chemical engineering  for sustainable development. Here, our alumni are very important and obvious ambassadors. Our efforts in this area include Chemistry Calendar, Molecular Theatre, Marie Curie days and teacher days.

Chemistry Calendar

The Chemistry Calendar started in 2011 and is a teaching package, consisting of shorts films (with descriptions and experiments) and teaching materials, for elementary school. The films are between 3-6 minutes long and shows various examples of chemistry in our surroundings, as seen by a curious and exploratory person's eyes.


Molecular Theater

The Molecular Theater is a collaboration between the local theatre group Allikateatern and the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Based on the molecular science students and researchers from the Department helped to create an interactive show, with movement and joy, for middle school students.

Molecular Theater - Confessions of an atom is a different theatrical experience where the audience can join in and participate. What happens in the world you can not see? Throw yourself into the molecular microcosm of motion and determine the matter.

Honouring Marie Curie

Together with the University of Gothenburg, we invite high school school classes to Marie Curie days twice per semester. During the Marie Curie days lectures are interspersed with practical sessions, to show different fields and applications of chemistry.
Contact persons for the Marie Curie days are Gunnar Westman at Chalmers and Caroline Jonsson at Gothenburg University.

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