Nuclear Chemistry

​In nuclear chemistry we study the properties of atom nuclei using chemical methods and chemical processes using the properties of nuclei. The nuclear chemical research at Chalmers is rooted in classical solution chemistry and have unique laboratories allowing for work with active nuclides.
Work is based upon the radioactive materials chemistry with a particular focus on the topics that are relevant to the entire nuclear cycle. This includes research on new innovative fuel cycles, such as partitioning and transmutation with subsequent new manufacture of new types of nuclear fuels. Other applications related to the nuclear power production are studies of pollution prevention in severe reactor accidents, studies of reactor water chemistry and the chemistry of the disposal of nuclear waste.
Applications outside the nuclear fuel cycle chemistry are also important research areas, such as the production of radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment and radio analytical chemistry for the measurement of radioactive substances in our environment.
Nuclear Chemistry is part of the Department for Energy and Materials along with Industrial Materials Recycling and Environmental Inorganic Chemistry.

Page manager Published: Fri 10 Sep 2021.