Industrial Materials Recycling

Industrial recycling was started by an investment by Stena Metall. Recycling is an important step towards a sustainable society. The research has initially focused on the recovery of precious metals and then come to include also rare earth metals (REM). Research projects include projects in the recycling of batteries, WEEE (electronic waste), car exhaust catalysts, smoke detectors and other items containing precious metals or REM. The investigation and recovery of metals from ash from incineration of municipal waste is another area of ​​research in Industrial Materials Recycling.
At our disposal we have lab scale sets of mixer-settlers and centrifuges.
The research of Industrial Materials Recycling is a part of the Competence Centre for recycling (CCR).
Industrial Material Recycling is included in the division of Energy and Materials along with Nuclear Chemistry and Environmental Inorganic Chemistry.

Page manager Published: Fri 10 Sep 2021.