Andréasson research group

The group is performing research on molecular photoswitches for a broad range of applications.

Research leader: Professor Joakim Andréasson

Postdocs: Carlos Benitez-Martin and Jean Rouillon 

Joakim Andréasson’s research group focuses on photo-controlled materials using molecular photoswitches from different photochromic families. We have been pursuing research on this class of compounds since 2003, aiming at all-photonic information processing, stimuli-responsive fluorescent systems, and photopharmacology. All-photonic control of FRET-type energy transfer reactions is often used as the functional principle.

Research sponsored by: The Swedish Research Council (VR) and Carl Trygger Foundation for Scientific Research.

Former group members:

PhD students

Martin Hammarson

Jesper Nilsson

Magnus Bälter

Gaowa Naren


Prabhakar Cherkupally

Cassandra Fleming

Chien-Wei Hsu

Marta Carrasco

Patricia Remon

Rubén Ferreira

Tamara Pace


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