Abrahamsson Research Group

Our research aims at utilizing solar energy to drive fuel-forming processes, generate electricity or to drive multi-electron transfer reactions. We are working along two main tracks. Firstly we investigate how we can control and tune interfacial charge transfer processes in the conduction band mediated charge transfer project. This is designed for photoacatalysis requiring multi-electron charge transfer processes, which are hard to drive in purely molecular systems.
The other main track concerns development and characterization of photosensitizers for multielectron transfer reactions as well as excited state proton transfer reactions.  The techniques we use are mainly time-resolved laser spectroscopy (femtosecond to microsecond time-resolution), electrochemistry and spectroelectrochemistry.

Current and former financing
Swedish research council, Swedish energy agency, Royal Academy of Science, Chalmers Area of Advance Nanoscience and nanotechnology

Main projects
Conduction band mediated charge transfer processes for photocatalysis

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Metal based photosensitizers for photochemical transformations

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Photon fusion and & fission – beyond the limits of conventional solar energy technologies

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