Research - we want to make a difference

​The department has a long tradition of encouraging world leading research in an environment where people develop and create new knowledge.
Extensive expertise enable us to take on major challenges ranging from basic research to industrial applications. Our research projects are often cross-border and are carried out in close cooperation with industry, institutes and other higher education institutions.
Our research is conducted at various levels; departmental level, through participation in Chalmers' Areas of Advance and in our competence centers.
Division level
Applied Chemistry
Chalmers Areas of Advance
The Areas of Advance brings together education, research and innovation. A key to enable us to successfully meet the needs of the society and contribute to a sustainable future.
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering participates mainly in the Areas of Advance marked areas.

Information and Communication Technology
Health Engineering
Materials Science

In addition to the Areas of Advance, chemistry and chemical engineering also participate in the Excellence Initiative Nano​

Our competence centers coordinate research and utilization through collaboration across traditional departmental boundaries, other universities and industry.

Page manager Published: Thu 30 Jun 2022.