Research Fields

​In the list beneath you find research fields at the department, names of staff members who are leading research within the fields and links to each person’s profile page.  

Analytical Chemistry

Ann-Sofie Cans

Stellan Holgersson 

Aldo Jesorka​

Per Malmberg


Lars-Gunnar Johansson

Jan-Erik Svensson

Jesper Liske


Forest Products and Chemical Engineering

Hans Theliander

Merima Hasani

Paul Gatenholm

Tiina Nypelö

Gunnar Westman​

Inorganic Chemistry

Material development 

Anders Palmqvist

Martin Andersson

Material recycling 

Martina Petranikova 

Burcak Ebin 

Christian Ekberg

Teodora Retegan​


Martin Andersson

Kasper Moth Poulsen

Nuclear Chemistry

Christian Ekberg

Teodora Retegan​

Mark Foreman

Organic Chemistry

Henrik Sundén​

Gunnar Westman

Nina Kann

Jerker Mårtensson​

Mark Foreman

Physical Chemistry


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