Portrait Christian Müller
​Christian Müller in the Chemistry building ​​​​​​​
​Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist 

Exploring new ways to power wearable electronics

​Christian Müller, Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, explores organic materials that can power wearable electronics in new, revolutionary ways –​ for example with our own body heat. He is now being promoted to Wallenberg Scholar – a program by the Wallenberg Foundation with the attention to support and stimulate some of the most successful researchers at Swedish universities.​
“This is a great confirmation of the potential that the foundation sees in our research. In concrete terms, it also means that we get more resources with which we can acquire new instruments and hire another postdoc", says Christian Müller 

Can improve our life – especially important for health care 

Christian Müller and his research group are focused on developing new organic materials for wearable electronics, where temperature differences such as our own body heat can be converted into electricity. The materials could be woven into a fabric and charge various miniature gadgets that need. This type of electronic textile can improve our lives in several different ways. One important area is healthcare, where functions such as regulating, monitoring, and measuring various health metrics could be hugely beneficial.

This research has been part of the Wallenberg Academy Fellows program and received a prolongation grant of 8,750,000 SEK in 2020. Within the Wallenberg Scholars program, an additional 3 million SEK is now awarded, and Christian Müller gets the chance to apply for an extension as a Wallenberg Scholar 2023.​

Current research tracks - doping polymers

So far, conductive polymers, which are the focus of Christian’s research, have not had sufficient mechanical properties to be applied in real applications. But now it looks like that problem is about to be solved. Driven by curiosity, Christian and his group began to investigate how the mechanical properties changed if they doped the polymers. The first research results was published recently in the scientific journal Materials Horizons.

More about the research

Article at Wallenberg Foundation website Clothes of the future – making electricity from body heat


Facts: Wallenberg Scholars

Wallenberg Scholars is a program with the intention of supporting and stimulating some of the most successful researchers at Swedish universities. The goal is for researchers to be able to work long-term, with a smaller burden of applying for external funding and with a higher level of ambition to have an even better international impact on their research. The grant also gives researchers an opportunity to invest in bolder and more long-term projects.

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation grants Wallenberg Scholars in the fields of medicine, science and technology. As a result of this year's grant decision, there are 63 active Wallenberg Scholars in Sweden. The next Wallenberg Scholars will be appointed in 2023.​

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