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1. Research house 1 (Forskarhus 1)

  1. Entrance and goods reception, workshop, service center, expedition entry passes, Hall KS11, copy rooms, student premises (GU)
  2. Hall KG21
  3. Surface Chemistry
  4. Analytical and Marine Chemistry (Chalmers / GU)
  5. Physical Chemistry (Chalmers / GU)
  6. Environmental Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry (GU) and Physical chemistry (GU)
  7. Inorganic Chemistry (GU), Food Science, Environmental Inorganic Chemistry
  8. Organic Chemistry (GU), Pharmaceutical Chemistry (GU)
  9. Dermatochemistry, Organic chemistry,room  KS91
  10. Room KS101 and meeting room 10-an


2. Course house 

  1. Laboratories chemical engineering, equipment hall, student center, computer lab D8
  2. Laboratories (including Chemical Engineering), study centers, computer labs, D9 and D10
  3. Pharmaceutical technology, laboratories, halls KS32, KG31-35 and computer lab D7
  4. Main entrance, atmospheric science, laboratories, halls KS41, KA-KC, KG42, KS1 and KS2
  5. Laboratories, copy rooms, halls KE, KG51-54, KD1 and KD2
  6. Laboratories hall KS61
  7. Fan floor
  8. Pharmaceutical technology, polymer technology

3. Research house 2 (Forskarhus 2)

  1. Entrance, Heat and Power Technology, Energy and Environment, student premises (Chalmers)
  2. Kemisk apparatus and plant engineering, chemical reaction engineering
  3. Forest products and chemical engineering, sustainable chemical engineering, chemical environmental science
  4. Administrative offices, Chemical and Biological Engineering (Chalmers), Atmospheric Science (GU)
  5. Administrative offices, Nuclear chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Study Expedition (GU), meeting room 5an
  6. Nuclear chemistry

4. MC2

  1.  Physical chemistry

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