​At the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering there are national centres which are financed by the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems and the Swedish Energy Agency. There are also other centres which cooperate across traditional departmental boundaries.


CPE is a centre at Chalmers University of Technology. CPE promotes cooperation between industry and academia for development of the chemical engineering field. The centre includes companies in industries with specialization in chemistry, plastics, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturers

CCR is a platform for broad cooperation in the field of circular material use. Reuse of products and components, and recovery techniques are central for a resource-efficient use of materials for increased competitiveness and a sustainable society. Such a transformation presents us with complex issues that must be addressed from different perspectives.

HTC is a Swedish competence centre devoted to high temperature corrosion. Our vision is to generate new generic knowledge that helps solve critical corrosion issues, thereby contributing to the development of a more sustainable energy system. HTC is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, Chalmers and 22 companies.

KCK is a national interdisciplinary research centre which is focused on environmental catalysis and energy-related catalysis. The vision is to contribute to sustainable transport-, energy- and environmental systems by developing state-of-the-art catalytic techniques. The Swedish Energy Agency, Chalmers and six member companies finance the research..

SuMo Biomaterials Vinn Excellence Center is a unique interdisciplinary research consortium between academia and industry with focus on understanding and developing smart functionalities in soft biomaterials. SuMo uses company needs to create innovations and excellence in science and added value for industry, academia and society.

SUPRA is a program focusing on supramolecular systems that can bridge the gap between the different sizes characteristic of molecules (atoms) and lithographic structures (chips). The research addresses problems in a wide range of fields: from micro-reactor and enzyme technology, medicinal and sensor applications, bottom-up molecular nanotechnology, nano-optics and molecular electronics.

Wallenberg Wood Science Center is a research center with a focus on new materials from trees. The mission is to create knowledge and build competence that can form the basis for an innovative future value creation from forest raw material.

Gothenburg Centre for Systems Biology brings together world-leading experts dedicated to collaborate to solve biological or medical questions. Participants are included from the Faculty of Science and Sahlgrenska Academy of the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology.

SkinResQU is a joint interdisciplinary research centre between Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg. A meeting place for chemical theoretician as well as clinicians. It stimulates research on the effects of skin exposer to solid materials, chemical compounds and solar radiation. Emphasis is put on skin allergy and skin cancer.

FSS is a national platform with the aim of strengthening and highlighting Swedish food research. Within four thematic areas (raw materials, technology, environment, and food-health) the center is currently developing national interdisciplinary research projects.

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