Management group


Head of department - Leif Åhman

Assistant head of department, Graduate programmes - Per Lincoln

Vice head of department, Undergraduate programmes - Krister Ström

Head of administration - Karin Ryrberg

HR-specialist - Johan Vesterberg

Financial officer - Christina Sjögren

Department administrator  - Carina Pettersson


Head of division:

Chemistry and Biochemistry - Acting Head of division Jerker Mårtensson
Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

Applied Chemistry - Anders Palmqvist
Applied Surface Chemistry, Biopolymer Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Polymer Technology

Energy and Materials - Jan-Erik Svensson
Environmental Inorganic Chemistry, Industrial Materials Recycling, Nuclear Chemistry

Chemical Engineering - Louise Olsson
Chemical Engineering Design, Chemical Environmental Science, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Forest Products and Chemical Engineering

Published: Wed 09 Jan 2013. Modified: Thu 07 Dec 2017