The department is organized in four research divisions with several research groups and with a head of division
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Head of division: Jerker Mårtensson
Applied Chemistry
Head of division: Hanna Härelind
Energy and Materials
Head of division: Jan-Erik Svensson
Deputy: Christian Ekberg
Chemical Engineering
Head of division: Louise Olsson

The divisions are active within the following areas:
Division Chemistry and Biochemistry:
Analytical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Division Applied Chemistry:                      
Biopolymer Technology
Pharmaceutical Technology
Polymer Technology
Applied Surface Chemistry
Division Energy and Materials:
Environmental Inorganic Chemistry
Industrial Materials Recycling
Nuclear Chemistry
Division Chemical Engineering:
Chemical Engineering Design
Chemical Environmental Science
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Forest Products and Chemical Engineering 

Published: Wed 09 Jan 2013. Modified: Tue 13 Nov 2018