Available Master's thesis projects

Applied Chemistry
Nanoparticle Syntehesis in Flow
Applied Surface Chemistry
Bio-based nanostructured materials for the control of surface properties
Chemical Engineering
Competence Centre for Catalysis
Competence Centre SuMo BIOMATERIALS
Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

The role of MgO in CaMnO3-δ and its influence on the oxygen carrier’s property
The influence of sulphur on oxygen carriers in Chemical-looping Combustion 
Work on tomorrows Energy Solutions – today!

Industrial Materials Recycling

Graphene oxide in cement
Organic Chemistry 

Bioaktiva substanser: Tillverkning och studier av cancer aktiva substanser
Chemical modification of cellulose for use in biocomposites
Green Chemistry: Catalytic oxidations with oxygen 
Hijacking the ubiquitin ligase
Kolhydratsyntes: material till enzymatiska och mekanistiska studier
Master thesis project in organic chemistry/ cellulose chemistry
Synthesis and testing of novel bioactive compounds produced during sourdough fermentation


Replace fossil fuels in the tomorrow’s materials

Investigation of hemicellulose foam/cellular composite material and characterization of absorbing and mechanical properties


Physical Chemistry
Combining conventional catalyst and enzyme to synthesize enantiomerically pure benzoin derivative
DNA and Nanofluidics I: Single-Molecule DNA Mapping in Nanofluidic Channels
DNA and Nanofluidics II: Nanofluidic-Based Approaches to Study DNA-Protein Interactions on the Single Molecule Level  
Interested in Solving the World Enegy Challenges
Modeling Molecular Energy Storage
Photo upconversion
Towards a brighter DNA

Polymer Technology

Department of Physics, Chemical Physics Group

Cleaning of Mercury and other Heavy Metals from Contaminated Water
Tackling the volume increase problem of lithium-sulfur batteries during cycling 

Microtechnology and nanoscience

Published: Thu 06 Dec 2018.