Chen Lab

Our research efforts focus on accelerating the development of future cell factories through integrated approach combining synthetic biology, systems biology and evolution engineering. The aim is to develop novel, efficient microbial cell factories that can be used to slove a variety of societal challenges in environment, energy and health.

Our research activities are mainly carried out with the model yeast Sacchromyces cerevisiae and currently organised around three main areas:

  • The study of central carbon metabolism and the development of platform strains for the high-level production of natural products, polymer precursors, and advanced biofuels. A special focus is on improving the scalability and expanding the complexicity of engineered yeast platforms for biomanufacturing.
  • Evolution engineering to improve the efficiency of key enzymes and to optimize the performance of the engineered strains. Together with genomic resequencing and systems biology tools we also study new mechanisms of stress and regulation.
  • Expanding the capability of S. cerevisiae on usable feedstocks, with current topic on optimizing pentose-fermenting S. cerevisiae strains.

Page manager Published: Fri 26 Jun 2020.