Biorefineries are process concepts that utilise biomass as a raw material in an integrated process design, where the aim is to optimise the material and energy balances in while producing a range of different products. Our role is to supply biochemical conversion steps that can be part of biorefinery concepts and to understand how such biochemical conversion steps interact with other steps in the biorefinery.

Biomass is the starting material of the process, and it can be degraded to syngas (through gasification), sugars (through physical, chemical and enzymatic degradation) and biomass polymers (through physical, chemical and enzymatic processing). We are active in all three principal conversion pathways.

Ongoing major projects:

  • Upgrading of renewable domestic raw materials to value-added bulk and fine chemicals for a biobased economy: technology development, systems integration and environmental impact assessment (BioBuF)
  • New materials from wood – Wallenberg Wood Science Center

Page manager Published: Thu 19 Jul 2018.