Process integration

Researchers: Rickard Fornell (SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden), David NickelRuifei Wang, Lisbeth Olsson, Carl Johan Franzén

The use of utilities, such as water and energy in the form of steam and electricity, determine a large part of the economy of industrial biotechnology processes. The multi-feed SSF process consists of a semi-continuous cultivation of yeast cells and a fed-batch SSF, where the solid and liquid parts of the steam explosion pretreated raw material are separated. This gives new opportunities for heat exchange between process streams and for modulating the use of water. In this collaborative process integration project, we study the possibilities and potential configurations for water and heat recirculation in the process and biogas production from the residual streams from the process. The objectives are to make a preliminary cost estimate of an industrial scale process, and to compare the performance of a standard simultaneous saccharification and fermentationa process and the multi-feed SSF process.

To enable this we work together with the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. In similar projects, we collaborate with colleagues at the Department of Energy and Environment. The project is part of the Multi-feed SSF development project.

This research is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and the Chalmers Energy Initiative.



Published: Thu 09 Jul 2015. Modified: Thu 08 Dec 2016