Algal biotechnology

Participating reseachers:

Dr Eva Albers, Group Leader
Dr Joshua Mayers,  PostDoc
Dr Venkat rao Konasani, PostDoc
Joakim Olsson,  PhD Student
Mathias Bark, PhD Student
Eric Malmhäll Bah, Project Assistant

Research field
Algae have received increased attention over recent years for biotechnological applications based on their ability to use photosynthesis for biomass production and the possibilities of increased production capacities compared to terrestrial plants. However, more knowledge and technological development are needed to realise the use of algal biotechnology in a biobased society.
The algae group at Chalmers contributes to the development of algal biotechnology along two lines, with research on the use of microalgae and the use of seaweeds. We want to contribute to the development of tools for the study of algae, a deeper understanding of algal physiology and more sustainable and productive biorefining of algal biomass.

Research topics



Published: Fri 05 Jun 2015. Modified: Thu 13 Oct 2016