Nutritional metabolomics

Involved researchers

​Associate Professor Alastair Ross
Associate Professor Carl Brunius
Professor Rikard Landberg
Postdoc Lin Shi
Postdoc Ken Cheng
Postdoc Izabela Biskup
Postdoc Mohsen Mazidi
Postdoc Marie Palmnäs
PhD-student Adila Nor MhD Omar

Research field

Metabolomics is defined as comprehensive analysis of small molecules (metabolites) in biological samples. It provides biological insights that reflect physiological and disease-induced biological states at the molecular level, considering genetic factors, health status, and the effects of environmental exposures, e.g., diet, environmental contaminants, medication and other lifestyle factors.

Nutritional metabolomics research at Chalmers aims for improving our understanding of biological mechanisms underlying the impact of diet on human health and disease, and to facilitate molecular phenotyping for development of personalized nutrition strategies. Projects are typically randomized controlled trials that evaluate effects of foods on nutritional disease risk factors, large-scale cohort studies with hard disease endpoints, as well as animal models and in vitro systems.

Specific research focus

  • Development and optimization of non-targeted/targeted mass spectrometry based metabolomics approaches for various types of biological samples, e.g. plasma, serum, urine and feces.
  • Holistic investigation of the impact of diet on metabolic responses that could be linked with nutritional disease risk factors during dietary interventions.
  • Identification of dietary exposure biomarkers in human samples to help capture compliance, estimate intake, and to facilitate investigation of diet-disease relationship.
  • Identification of biomarkers for prediction, diagnosis and management of nutritional diseases, e.g. cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and myocardial infarction.
  • Better understanding of variability in individuals at molecular level in responding to diet/lifestyle modifications in a move towards personalized nutrition.
  • Comprehensive measurement of agricultural and food samples to understand the metabolic changes due to processing and storage (‘foodomics’).

Nutritional metabolomics is a multidisciplinary science. We collaborate extensively with many international partners including analytical chemists, clinical nutritionists, chemometricians and systems biologists, in order to get the best out of the researches conducted by the nutritional metabolomics laboratory.

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