Food and Nutrition Science

The division of Food and Nutrition Science focus on nutritional solutions for disease prevention by studies on the molecular, cellular, and whole-body level. We also center on research that aims to promote high food quality, minimize lossesthroughout the value chain and to utilize alternative sources for production of nutrients.
The general purpose of the unit is to work for improved health, quality of life, and a sustainable society. This can be achieved by e.g. developing methods for adding value to underutilized rest raw materials, improving nutritional and sensory properties in cereals, fruits and greens by using yeast and lactic acid bacteria or to study how food processing affects the activity of bioactive compounds.

The major aim is to identify factors in foods that have either advantageous or disadvantageous health effects, or affecting food quality. The work is progressing with the aim to increase or decrease such factors in foods. We are also working in the field of basic science where we e.g. investigate intracellular mechanisms and regulation in human cell models and animal models. Human studies are conducted in collaboration with medical faculty. The unit also pursues an extensive work with the development of analytical techniques.


Page manager Published: Thu 13 Jun 2019.