Nutritional metabolomics

Involved researcher

​Asst. professor Alastair Ross
Research field

Metabolomics is the field of measuring many small molecules (metabolites) to gain a deeper understanding of phenotype and different biological processes.  Here in the nutritional metabolomics laboratory at Chalmers we are especially interested in understanding metabolic responses to changes in diet, and measuring food-derived metabolites.  Many different questions can be addressed using metabolomics, and it is especially powerful for hypothesis generation.  Some examples of what can done with nutritional metabolomics include:

•   Holistic measurement of the impact of different diets on diverse metabolic pathways

•   Measurement of diet related compounds (intake biomarkers) in mammalian samples to help estimate intake

•   Non-targeted measurement of agricultural and food samples to understand the metabolic changes due to processing and storage (‘foodomics’)

Metabolomics requires many different skills and expertise, and we collaborate with many partners including analytical chemists, clinical nutritionists, chemometricians and systems biologists to get the best out of the data generated from the nutritional metabolomics laboratory.

Published: Mon 12 Jan 2015. Modified: Tue 05 Jul 2016