Alminger Lab

​Our research activities focus on bioactive compounds in foods, how processing and gastro-intestinal digestion affects bioavailability and bioaccessibility of dietary compounds, and how interactions in food systems and complex matrices affect physicochemical and functional properties.
The research includes characterization of plant raw materials and formulation of foods with added values and health benefits. For evaluation of digestibility, availability and bioactivity, gastro-intestinal in vitro simulations are combined with cell studies. The aim is to understand how processing and digestion affect specific food components characteristics and identify mechanisms that can provide new knowledge of how food components or specific metabolites may contribute to prevention of certain diseases.
The demand for healthy food with low climate impact increases while large quantities of high-quality and valuable plant raw materials are wasted or not taken care of in an optimal way.
Sustainable food production, especially considering use of raw materials, co-products and residues from the agri-food industry, for more resource efficient value chains, is another important research area for us. The research is also related to global food security topics in collaboration with Universities in East African countries with low agricultural productivity and high exposure to food insecurity and micronutrient deficiency disorders.

Page manager Published: Thu 13 Feb 2020.