PhD Student Council

​The Department of Biology and Biological Engineering (BIO) and the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (K) have a joint PhD student council. The council consists of PhD students from different divisions of BIO and K, and its work focuses on ensuring the best conditions for PhD students. This is done by collecting and spreading information, discussing pressing issues, being a forum for ideas and making sure that the PhD students are represented in different instances.

The PhD student council for BIO and K has around 5-7 meetings per year with discussion focusing e.g. on education, terms of employment and work environment. The council also has representatives present at different meetings e.g. at the department council meeting. In May each year, the PhD student council holds a grand meeting which all PhD students at BIO and K are invited to attend. During this meeting, new representatives are elected. PhD students at BIO are welcome at all PhD student council meetings.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Linnea Österberg, the PhD student council president.
Questions can also be directed directly to Doktorandsektionen (DS), which is the association of all PhD students at Chalmers, or to Doktorandombudsmannen, whose responsibility is to help PhD students with work related problems. This could be e.g. lack of supervision, harassment or other serious work related matters.

Page manager Published: Mon 09 Mar 2020.