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BIO postdoc network seminars and events:

Every Friday at 3pm   
virtual fika – contact us for the zoom link

Currently open       
Post doc salary survey

LinkedIn workshop & professional photos

All our webinars are open to everyone at BIO. Links and more information are posted in the Bio newsletter and also advertised through our email list. Please contact us to be added to the email list and if you have suggestions on speakers or topics.

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Activities archive

14 Feb 2021               BIO postdoc network survey 2020
26 Jan 2021 09.00     BIO postdoc seminars: Ivan Mijakovic on BIO recruitment
3 Dec 2020 12.00      BIO postdoc seminars: Pernilla Wittung Stafshede on Gender Equality
3 Nov 2020 15.00      BIO postdoc seminars: Karin Jonsson, Transition from acadamia to industry
27 Oct 2020 15.00     BIO postdoc seminars: Bo Norrman on Science-based innovation
20 Aug 2020                Game night
7 Aug 2020                  BBQ

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