Department Council

Operational representatives (Chalmers):
Stefan Hohmann, BIO, Head of Department
Rikard Landberg, Professor at BIO
Lisbeth Olsson, Professor at BIO
Karin Lundgren, Professor at Architecture and Civil Engineering: Representative appointed by the President of Chalmers

External members:
Anders Fröberg, Borealis Sverige AB,VD
Jenny Fäldt, Mölnlycke Health Care
Leif Lundin, RISE Research Institute of Sweden
Mats Larsson, Lantmännen R&D
Anna Collén, AstraZeneca
Jenny Almkvist, VGR

Representative, Undergraduate students:
Jakob Karlsson, Chalmers Studentkår
Maria Carlbaum, Chalmers Studentkår (substitute)

Representative, Graduate students:
Linnea Östberg, PhD student at BIO

Representatives for the administration:
Charlotte Altin, BIO's Department Financial Officer and Head of operations support
Anne-Lise Kramer, BIO's Department Administrator

Published: Mon 25 Nov 2019.