Department Council

Operational representatives:
Stefan Hohmann; Chalmers, BIO; Head of Department
Jens Nielsen; Chalmers, BIO; Professor
Lisbeth Olsson; Chalmers, BIO; Professor
Jesper Vasell; Chalmers, Innovationskontor Väst; Representative appointed by the President
2 vacancies

External members:
Jan-Olof Jacke; AstraZeneca; CEO
Jenny Fäldt; SCA; Global Research Director
Leif Lundin; SP Food and Bio Science (f.d. SIK); CEO
Peter Rotchild; BioGaia; CEO
Björn Sundberg, VP Forest Biotechnology, Stora Enso Biomaterials
Anders Fröberg; Borealis Sverige AB; CEO

Representative, Undergraduate students:
Anton Martinsson; Chalmers Studentkår; Student
Lea Jerre; Chalmers Studentkår; Student

Representative, Graduate students:
Jens C Froslev Nielsen; Chalmers, BIO; PhD student

Representatives for the administration:
Charlotte Altin; Chalmers, BIO; Department Financial Officer
Anna Bolling; Chalmers, BIO; Department Administrator

Published: Thu 04 Jun 2015. Modified: Tue 31 May 2016