Department Council

Operational representatives (Chalmers):
Stefan Hohmann, BIO, Head of Department
Jens Nielsen, Professor at BIO
Lisbeth Olsson, Professor at BIO
Karin Lundgren, Professor at Architecture and Civil Engineering: Representative appointed by the President of Chalmers

External members:
Jan-Olof Jacke, AstraZeneca, CEO (Department Council Chairman)
Jenny Fäldt, SCA, Global Research Director
Leif Lundin, SP Food and Bio Science (f.d. SIK), CEO
Björn Sundberg, Stora Enso Biomaterials, VP Forest Biotechnology
Anders Fröberg, Borealis Sverige AB, CEO

Representative, Undergraduate students:
Gustav Eriksson, Chalmers Studentkår
Lea Jerre, Chalmers Studentkår (substitute)

Representative, Graduate students:
Paulo Teixeira, PhD student at BIO

Representatives for the administration:
Charlotte Altin, BIO's Department Financial Officer
Anne-Lise Kramer, BIO's Department Administrator

Published: Thu 04 Jun 2015. Modified: Tue 23 Jan 2018