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To the broader public, Chalmers may not be the first name automatically associated with research related to cancer, age related diseases or predictive health care. Yet, Chalmers has successfully recruited top international scientists and is spearheading groundbreaking Life Science Engineering research.

Two of these leading specialists, Jens Nielsen and Dina Petranovic, were in focus when Friends of Chalmers (Chalmers Vänner) invited their benefactors for a lunch of a heartwarming soup, served with a good portion of some of today’s hottest research.

The House of William Chalmers in downtown Gothenburg provided a historic and inspiring environment for the guests, whilst being guided through some of the enigmas of molecular research in practice.

Jens Nielsen is Professor in Systems Biology at Chalmers, Head of Department of Biology and Biological Engineering and Director of the Life Science Engineering Area of Advance. In his presentation, Jens shared impressive research findings - for example the importance of understanding whether, and how, cell metabolism in cancer cells differ from that in other cells. Another example described how kidney cancer treatment may be revolutionized in the future by simply using a urine sample for early detection of remission.

Jens also lifted the importance of collaborative research between medicine, the drug industry and engineering. He also explained how increased focus in medical research will be placed on the concept of 4P (Predict – Prevent – Personalize – Participate)

Dina Petranovic, associate professor in Molecular and Cell Biology and one of the most prominent experts within molecular research, provided an intriguing voyage into the dynamics of neurodegenerative diseases. Dina also explained about unique and groundbreaking findings in the exploration of life and ageing in living cells and why she has chosen to use yeast as a model for this research.

In addition to her own research and also directing her research group at Chalmers, Dina is CEO for Global Molecular Frontiers. When closing her presentation she shared some highlights from the recent conference Nobel Workshop and Molecular Frontiers Symposium which she organized at Chalmers earlier in May.

A large number of the world’s most foremost researchers and no less than 12 Nobel laureates participated during the conference week. Also the next generation scientists was represented, in the shape of high school students, to exchange inspiration and ideas for the future.

It was “a truly Amazing Week”, Dina concluded - and  ”amazing” was also how many of the guests felt about Jens’ and Dina’s remarkable research and presentation at this very first Soup & Science luncheon!

Text: Marianne Gyllensten

Page manager Published: Fri 12 Jun 2015.