Prestigious award to Jens Nielsen

​Jens Nielsen was awarded the Zhang Dayu Lectureship from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) earlier this December. Nobel prize winner Ei-ichi Negishi, professors Richard Zare and Jens K. Nørskov are amongst the previous recipients.
Jens Nielsen, professor and Head of Division at the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering, how does it feel to be awarded this title from the CAS-institute Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics?
Tao Zhang, director of DICP, and Jens Nielsen.- This of course feels very nice. It’s amazing to have been awarded a Chinese title, and from such an outstanding institute. There are 105 CAS-institutes in China, but this is one of the five finest, right at the top. Furthermore, I was the first one from biology to get this award.

And why is that? It’s an institute of chemical physics…
- They have a whole lot of things going on in the BIO-area, with a division called Division of Biotechnology. It’s only natural that they would expand in that direction.

How is the research mode in China?

- The Chinese research is gaining ground, and is of an extremely high quality.

Are there any plans of collaboration between Chalmers and Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics?
- Actually, there is. We had plans of a mutual project even before I received the award, and I hope it will soon advance. It would be nice to get a collaboration going, and for example make room for exchange students both at Chalmers and at DICP.

Text: Mia Malmstedt

Published: Tue 09 Feb 2016.