At Chalmers you’ll learn to think independently, and to meet future challenges with the help of engineering methods. We emphasise your creativity and believe in the necessity of free thinking, so that you can be sure that you are able to test your own ideas for real. Through project-based assignments we provide hands-on experience of working with others in teams in everything from planning and organizing to meeting deadlines and presenting results. Through these projects you also learn to apply your theoretical knowledge to tackle complex problems – a necessary approach to real-life situations.

The department offers basic courses and advanced courses within the MScEng programmes Biological engineering.
Chalmers Bachelor's programmes are conducted in Swedish only.

The department also offers the Master's programme; Biotechnology (given in English)
The department of Biology and Biological Engineering further harbours the graduate schools; Bioscience.
Christer Larsson is the Vice Head of Department responsible for graduate studies.
Master's Programmes:
Director of Master's Programme: Christer Larsson

Published: Thu 13 Nov 2014. Modified: Mon 30 May 2016