Embracing Transitions

​Master's Thesis Exhibition: A world of transition. Threat or hope?  This autumns master's theses of Embracing Transitions can be seen in this perspective. The diverse master's thesis have this in common: it is a winding journey of possibilities. Welcome to the winter exhibition at Chalmers Architecture with open presentations.
The exhibition is open 10 - 14 January, 2017 from 8 am - 8 pm.
Opening ceremony 10 January at 5.30 pm - the visitors can visit the exhibition and take part of the projects and meet with the students.
Closing ceremony 13 January at 5 pm - an occasion for teachers, visitors, family and friends to celebrate with the students their concluded work. The exhibition can be visited the 14th of January too.
Location: Chalmers School of Architecture, Eklandagatan 86, 1st floor.

Warmly welcome to the Winter Exhibition 2017 at Chalmers School of Architecture!

The theme of this exhibition is ‘Embracing Transitions’. This can be seen as a very appropriate theme for any exhibition of architecture, but also for the current situation in society as well as at Chalmers.
Architecture is to some extent always engaged in transitions. It can be transitions from a brief to a design, from drawings to the building, from programmed activities to physical spaces, from material constructions to meaning and experiences. Architecture always deals with existing contexts and built environments, which are transformed, re-interpreted and put into transitions into the future. Today, more than ever, we also need to engage in transitions of society into more sustainable forms and urban configurations.
Transitions often involves uncertainties, complexes of factors or difficulties to fully control where they will lead. But since architecture is so involved in this, architects are well trained to deal with transitions, to work with complexities and to act with insufficient information, and yet direct efforts to materialise well-functioning wholes. Architects and their capacities are therefore also very much needed in the current societal situation.
Our societies and cities are currently very much in states of transitions, and in several ways, so are also universities and education. We need to transform our environments and communities to become more accessible, equitable, environmentally and socially sustainable. For that we need new knowledge and new ways of training future designers and decision-makers – in a broad meaning and on many levels –  so they are able to address the now global challenges in their local, networked contexts. Universities are regrouping, re-designing themselves, and so is Chalmers. In all this, I am certain that the capacities, methods and creative approaches of architects – and especially the young ones – are both required and will provide necessary contributions to lead the transitions. The designerly knowledge and skills of architects are more needed than ever.
So, let us embrace the transitions – and with them as a point of departure, join forces to design our common futures.
/ Fredrik Nilsson, Head of Department of Architecture
Category Exhibition; Student project presentation
Starts: 10 January, 2017, 08:00
Ends: 14 January, 2017, 20:00

Published: Tue 13 Dec 2016. Modified: Mon 19 Dec 2016