Hydrogeology and Grouting


2014-01-31 New site launched
We launch this site to communicate what’s happening at Chalmers University of Technology regarding hydrogeology in rock and grouting of rock.

Courses/Key dates

If you want to be notified when courses are given, write to the examiner (firstname.surname@chalmers.se)


Passed courses

  • Hydrogeology for rock engineers (examiner Åsa Fransson)
    The course is aimed primarily for PhD students with fundamental expertise in rock engineering or groundwater exploration, but others with masters degree in the subject are also welcome. Course memo from the last occasion, spring 2013


  • Kompetensutveckling inom injektering i hårt berg (examiner Johan Funehag)
    The course is aimed for practical grouters to encourage a deeper understandingo f the processes involved in grouting and the flow of grout in fractures. Focus is on how grout properties can be adopted to suit different desired results and how undesired scenarios affect the grouting. Memo from the last occasion, autumn 2013 (in Swedish)

Key references and publications

Funehag, J. (2012) Guide to grouting with silica sol – for sealing in hard rock/Handledning för injektering med silica sol - för tätning i hårt berg. BeFo-report no 118 http://www.befoonline.org/web/R118.aspx
Gustafson, G. (2012). Hydrogeology for Rock Engineers. Stockholm, Sweden, BeFo.
Can be ordered from BeFo

Gustafson G, Claesson J, Fransson Å (2013) Steering parameters for rock grouting. Journal of Applied Mathematics 2013. doi:10.1155/2013/269594

Grout videos​:

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