Geology and Geotechnics


Research areas

The Division consists of three  research groups: Engineering Geology, Geotechnics and Transportation Engineering.

Engineering Geology research group studies risks associated with contamination and other disturbances, and technical systems utilizing these resources. The main focus is on industrially contaminated sites and drinking water systems. 

The Geotechnics research group studies the complex material behaviour arising from the particulate nature of natural soils and the associated coupled processes, such as e.g. deformations resulting from groundwater and heat flow, and laboratory and in situ behaviour arising from the discrete nature of fractures in crystalline rock and the associated coupled processes, such as fluid flow and deformations resulting from change in hydraulic head and rock stresses.

The Transportation Engineering Research Group has recently been reinstated and expanded with the recriutments of two researchers and an updated strategy in regards of both teaching and research.

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Published: Tue 30 Apr 2013. Modified: Thu 04 Oct 2018