Divison of Construction Management

We work in an interdisciplinary field including the entire construction process. We focus on single construction projects and the various roles of actors involved, or on individual companies / groups of companies and their operations. We study the construction sector and its conditions in the local / global economy, but also the prerequisites for the sector's various companies / organizations to make long-term progress. The main commitment of our research is to contribute to a future that results in healthier products, more efficient processes and a more sustainable society. Although we predominantly study the construction sector, part of our research is directed towards other project-based industries (e.g. ICT, automotive and consulting).
Our research is extensively reflected in the education and training we conduct. We have an unyielding involvement in three programs at undergraduate level: Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, and Business Development and Entrepreneurship in Construction. Furthermore, the division is responsible for two masters programs: Design and Construction Project Management, which establishes a holistic approach to construction based on several aspects (society at large, the company / organization and the projects with their suppliers) and the International Project Management, which takes a general perspective on project management within virtually all application areas in various sectors. Finally, we offer continuous professional training as well as graduate education within our subject.
Our department has a number of academic partners in different parts of the world. We also have strong links with the construction industry, particularly through the Centre for Management of the Built Environment (CMB), which comprises more than 60 member companies and about 10 research groups at Chalmers. This, we take advantage of both in our research and in education.

Page manager Published: Tue 17 May 2016.