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Through construction substantial and lasting value is created for society. The production of buildings, facilities and infrastructure, however, is a comparatively long and resource-intensive process with many stakeholders involved. Nowadays, such investments are often realised in collaboration between the public sector and private companies. The building and property industry is today also increasingly facing challenges as an aged built environment is in dire need of maintenance, repair and remodelling. How these activities are organized and implemented is of great importance for the outcome and this is the focus of the divisions´ research.

Urbanization, sustainability, digitalization, economic fluctuations, and globalized workforce are among the issues at the top of the agenda posing great demands on the built environment. Our research aims to contribute to the management of the complex challenges towards more efficient processes, sound products, and a more sustainable society. We perform interdisciplinary research involving the entire construction process. In both our research and education we have close cooperation with the construction sector and its multiple actors.  

Our research focuses on four main areas:

  1. Understanding and developing construction processes from integrated human, values and sustainability  perspectives
  2. Understanding and developing forms and processes of projects, organization and leadership
  3. Understanding, design, implementation and use of information and technology
  4. Understanding and developing strategy and innovation of the construction sector and its actors


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