The park’s design and how it develops over time

​To connect the park to its theme the park's elements are portrayed in the shape of a hexagon, which is strongly associated with bees and honeycombs. The hexagon is also a common form in nature. By placing several hexagons on top each other in varying levels, different communities are created within the park that serve as planters, seating, walking surface or water containers. Each stack of hexagons symbolize building blocks with green walls, roofs and yards that enhances and connects the city's green spaces. The space in-between these green communities demonstrates monocultures such as the city’s hard surfaces that prevent good habitats for bees and good connections.

The different planting containers creates a mosaic of plants, water and materials which are essential for pollinators. Plants that especially attract pollinators and with varying flowering periods have been chosen to benefit different pollinators over the season and to contribute to biodiversity. Most species are native.

The relations between green surfaces in the city, the so called green connectivity, is extremely
important for pollinators. In the corner of the park, signs point to the nearest parks and green areas such as Trädgårdsföreningen, Näckrosdammen, Vasaparken and Heden. Not all are easy to access for a bee visiting our park. Some can be too far, while others are difficult for a bee to reach due to barriers such as roads and buildings. Small satellites-replicas of this pop-up park are positioned in these places and aim to show visitors which green spaces the pop-up park is connected to.

Step into our park and experience how it becomes denser as well as greener as the summer goes by. During the time of the exhibition, new stacks of hexagons will be added to gradually improve the connection between the various communities within the park while at the same time the density increases. Also, as the plants, herbs and vines grow, the connections within the park will be strengthened and the monocultures decrease. 

Everyone is invited to plant in the planting containers occuring during summer. Illustration Martin Allik, Mareld Landskapsarkitekter

Published: Thu 13 Apr 2017.