Doctoral programmes

Graduate school of Architecture

The doctoral programme is focusing on the matter of architecture. Architectural knowledge is the basis for giving form to the physical environment and its development. Architecture deals with artefacts and places, their spatial qualities and use as well as systems, processes and methods related to buildings, interior space, built environment and development.


The Swedish research school ResArc

The Swedish research school ResArc is a collaboration between the schools of Architecture at KTH, Chalmers, LTH, and Umeå University with the aim of strengthening architectural research, education and collaborative projects at national and international levels. ResArc was launched in February 2012 and is coordinated and administered by the Department of Architecture and Built Environment at Lund University. ResArc received funding from the Swedish Research council FORMAS 2011 in a total effort that also includes the two strong research environments Architecture in Effect and Architecture in the Making.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate School

The scientific area Civil and Environmental Engineering has the overall aim of creating the physical conditions for a resource-efficient and sustainable society. The work is focused on construction, infrastructural facilities and the interaction between technology, man and nature. Important general issues are thus related to the safety and health of human beings, environmental impact, energy utilisation, the operation, maintenance and management of facilities/buildings and cost efficiency in social structures. On the graduate level Civil and Environmental Engineering offers eight specialisations.

The Applied Acoustics Graduate school

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering also runs a graduate programme – Applied Acoustics – within the framework of an inter-institutional graduate school, run in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. There is only one specialisation at Applied Acoustics.

More information

Chalmers handbook for doctoral studies is designed as an introduction for those who have just started their doctoral studies and describes the procedures involved.

Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild

The PhD council is a forum for matters related to the graduate students at the department. The Group is charged with the task of safeguarding the graduate students' interests and providing graduate students on, for example,the Departmental advisory team and the Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild with the opportunity to discuss current issues with other people.


Vice Head of Department: Monica Billger
Director of Studies: Kathleen Murphy (The Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate School)
Director of Studies: Rasmus Rempling (The Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate School)
Director of Studies: Krystyna Pietrzyk (The Applied Acoustics Graduate school, Graduate school of Architecture)
Administration: Lena Högberg (The Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate School, The Applied Acoustics Graduate school, Graduate school of Architecture)

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