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Research at Architecture and Civil Engineering

The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering is a new department, constituting of the former departments Architecture and Civil and Environmental Engineering.
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Architectural research has been conducted at Chalmers since the 1960s. Today, research includes design and practice based methods such as projective research, often combined in transdisciplinary modes with methods adapted from science, social sciences, humanities and fine arts.

Chalmers Architecture leads and takes part in two strong national research environments Architecture in the Making and Architecture in Effect. These environments are independent of, but partly linked to the dividsions of the department.

Architecture consists of three divisions for research and education:

Civil Engineering

In order to achieve a sustainable society it is important to conduct research into the actual construction and operation of buildings and the infrastructure. Construction and maintenance of buildings and the infrastructure account for as much as 40 % of energy and material requirements in society.
Research in Civil Engineering  analyses and solves problems that are linked to the interaction in society between technical solutions, man and nature.
We profile the research by focusing on the sustainable construction of buildings, facilities and the infrastructure. Research issues deal with health and safety, research and energy efficiency, technical reliability and management in the construction process.
In research, the methods employed are mainly experimental studies, field studies, case studies and the development of theoretical models. We test prediction models by comparing with actual experiments.
Research areas – the construction sector
Civil Engineering has research groups connected to a whole range of different subjects. The groups are linked through their strong construction sector profile. This makes us unique in the fact that we focus on a particular sector with which we co-operate very closely. Often we also work across subject boundaries.
The divisions in Civil Engineering:
Our research profiles are also reflected in our Doctoral programmes and our international Master's programmes. Doctoral programmes take place in the two Graduate schools, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Applied Acoustics. We place a great deal of importance on collaboration and on disseminating the results of our research to a wide public audience. Through active involvement in several of Chalmer's Areas of Advance, we contribute to the vision of a sustainable future. Our research relates to Chalmer's Areas of Advance, including the Building Futures, Transport, Energy, Production and Materials Science. 

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