Building Services Engineering


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Different activities require different indoor environments and pose different challenges in creating and maintaining these environments. Our health and well-being are impacted significantly by our spending most of our time indoors, either in our homes or at work.
The indoor environment also has a large impact on many manufacturing processes, as well as on products and items stored and maintained indoors, such as food products and museum pieces. What counts as a suitable indoor environment will therefore vary; the kind of technical installation needed to ensure a given indoor environment will also vary depending on the building activities.
Our research aims to ensure the suitable indoor environment for a range of activities in buildings. Here’s how we do it:
  • We analyse needs and specify suitable requirements on the indoor environment based on building activities
  • We focus on the thermal climate, air quality, sound and noise, and light and lighting
  • We develop knowledge about the technical installations required for a suitable indoor environment for a given building activity
  • We explore the consequences of the energy use and external environmental impact of the requirements of various building activities

Page manager Published: Wed 03 May 2017.