Operations Support

O​perations Support offers support to operations in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. We work with operational planning and follow-up, accounting and course administration in undergraduate and doctoral education, staff, purchasing, websites and communication as well as other service.

Profile pages at ACE Operations Support​ ​

Administration manager

Karin Ryrberg

Course administr​ation

Angela Sasic Kalagasidis, Associate Professor, Vice head of Department with responsibility for First Degree and Master’s Programmes
Jennie  Bergqvist, Course administration, Construction Management
Elin Björklund, Course administration, Architectural Theory and Methods, Building Design
Ingrid  Engström, Course administration, Geology and Geotechnics, Water Environment Technology
Ingela  Gustafson, Course administration, Building Technology
Camilla  Gäverström, Course administration, Applied Acoustics
Lena  Högberg, Course administration, Structural Engineering
Anna-Lena Nyberg, Course administration, Building Services Engineering, Urban Design and Planning
Nidal Yousif, Course administration, Archtecture programme

Administration, Graduate School

Kristina Grange, Professor, Head of Graduate School
Kathleen  Murphy, Associate Professor, Director of Studies, The Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate School
Rasmus Rempling, Researcher, Director of studies, The Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate School
Krystyna Pietrzyk, Associate Professor, Director of Studies, The Applied Acoustics Graduate school, Graduate school of Architecture
Lena  Högberg, Administrator Graduate Schools, Examinations


Gunnel  Berggren, Communications officer, Diary
Catharina  Björk, Communications officer, Project coordinator
Lena  Högberg, Administrator, Diary education
Aneta Smilevska, Diary
Lotta Särnbratt, Communications officer, PDB/computer account system


Erika Andolf, Department financial officer
Camilla Gäverström,  Financial officer, Applied Acoustics
Lena Mattsson, Financial officer, Building Design, Urban Design and Planning​
Elisabeth Meyer,  Financial assistent, Construction Management
Maria Mossberg,  Acting department financial officer, Financial officer, Geology and Geotechnics, Structural Engineering
Linda Reichel Rydén,  Financial officer,  Building Services Engineering, Water Environment Technology
Peter Thulin, Financial officer, Architectural Theory and Methods, Undergraduate education Architecture
Vacant, Financial officer, Building Technology

Human resources

Per Blom, HR Partner
Jennie Bergqvist, administrator Structural Engineering
Elin Björklund, administrator Architectural Theory and Methods, Building Design
Ingrid Engström, administrator Water Environment Technology​, Geology and Geotechnics
Camilla Gäverström,  Financial assistant Applied Acoustics
Elisabeth Meyer, Financial assistant Construction Management
Anna-Lena Nyberg, administrator Building Technology, Urban design and planning​
Linda Reichel Rydén,  Financial assistant Building Services Engineering
Aneta Smilevska, administrator 

IT and buildings

Jesper Knutsson, Working environment administrator
Elisabeth Meyer, Purchasing coordinator, Coordinator premises
Lotta Särnbratt, PDB/computer account system
Sara Wreder, Administrator, arrangements, reception
Peter Lundin, Service technician, internal service
Jesper Martell, Service technician, internal service​​​​

Published: Fri 21 Apr 2017. Modified: Tue 04 Dec 2018