Domesticity in Public Space

​This years Hammarkullen Culture Walk will is an annual event where you can experience dance, poetry, music, art and food events arranged by local cultural organisations. Through this the local cultural life in Hammarkullen is made visible. This will be run the 21 October 2017.
sketch urban furniture

Chalmers masters students in the design studio Design and Planning for Social Inclusion will design and build transformative urban furniture at Hammarkullen Culture Walk 2017. The process is supported by Sam Carvalho and Eduardo da Conceicao from Onoff and will be carried out in Hammarkullen during week 42. The question the students are asking themselves are: Can public space be a generator for social and cultural interaction or is it purely a structure for flows of circulation, events and consumption?

A box to support local social and cultural interactions

The “Culture boxes” act as mobile and transformative urban furniture. Each “box” can open up and transform for specific social and cultural interactions and together they will form what we call a “rolling culture house”. The five “Culture boxes” are designed from the interest of local organisations and will be handed over and used by these organisations after the culture walk. In this way, the interventions represent and support the local cultural and organisational life. It is a wish that the project will continue the coming year where new “culture boxes” will be designed and built to represent and support more organisations in Hammarkullen.
Chalmers Arkitekturskola, Chalmers ACE
And Onoff


Hammarkullen Kulturvandring 2017, Hammarkullen 365 & Karnevalskommittén
International Färg AB, Akzo Nobel
Tente Sverige AB
Makita Sverige


12.00 The “cultural boxes” will transform the public park at Brefjällsgatan 46
13-15.00 The “cultural boxes” will be on the move through streets and valleys of Hammarkullen
15.00 Ending event at Hammarkullen square

Published: Mon 16 Oct 2017. Modified: Thu 08 Feb 2018