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Developing Gothenburg together with Yale

The development of Älvstaden continues to attract international interest. It is now clear that the American Yale University is collaborating with Chalmers and Älvstranden Utveckling AB in the new research project Fusion Point Gothenburg.

The aim of the project is to develop knowledge and methods that allow academia and practice to go hand-in-hand while building the city of the future. Älvstaden is the largest urban development project in northern Europe. In 20 years, the Gothenburg city centre will be twice its current size. How the total investments in Älvstaden are steered, and thereby what types of physical environments are created, will affect Gothenburg for generations to come.

To ensure sustainable urban development, the City of Gothenburg is focusing heavily on research through Älvstranden Utveckling AB and Chalmers. The new research project Fusion Point Gothenburg will strengthen the meeting between research and practice in architecture and urban design. The key to success is knowledge of how to best utilise knowledge.

"Simply put, it is about finding new methods and making both established research and new knowledge useful in practice for all of the different parties involved. With a toolbox full of relevant lessons learned, it becomes easier to make the many decisions that determine the qualities of our future city,” explains Fredrik Nilsson, newly appointed Head of Research in Practice at Älvstranden Utveckling.

Fusion Point Gothenburg is being run in collaboration with internationally renowned research environments, with the Yale School of Architecture as the first out in a collaboration with Chalmers. Yale is one of the world's foremost universities in architecture and urban design.

“The transformation of Gothenburg is being followed by curious eyes around the world. Through Fusion Point Gothenburg, we hope that in the future we will be a knowledge resource for other cities facing similar challenges.” Lena Andersson, CEO of Älvstranden Utveckling AB.


Fusion Point Gothenburg is run by a working group consisting of Fredrik Nilsson, Architect and Professor of Architecture Theory at Chalmers ACE plus Head of Research in Practice at Älvstranden Utveckling; Lars Marcus, Professor in Urban Design and Planning at Chalmers ACE; Carl Mossfeldt, Yale World Fellow and former CEO for Tällberg Foundation; and Åsa Swan, Head of Urban Planning at Älvstranden Utveckling AB. The first phase of the project spans three years and is being funded by Älvstranden Utveckling with a current budget of SEK 9 million.

Published: Thu 29 Jun 2017.