From the winning sketch, Balance
​Extract from the winning contribution Balance. "The balance between nature and urban life", by Petra Hjelm.​​

Melchior Wernstedt Student Competition 2022

1st Prize 

Author: Petra Hjelm, Student MPARC Prize: 10 000 SEK 
BALANCE is pure simplicity in the plan layout. The cross plan is a strong concept that with help of 4 volumes creates the central courtyard that binds everything together. Sightlines together with light creates entrance points to outdoor spaces in 4 directions. A perfectly balanced and solved solution that embrace both indoor and outdoor spaces. The simplicity creates a beautiful complexity. 

2nd Prize 

Author: Jakob Gruvander & John Ridderstolpe, Student MPARC Prize: 5 000 SEK
Wall House creates a new form of complexity were sequences of space build up the story of the house. Every room is perfectly adapted to its function, zero generality maximum specification and individualization of each room. Beautiful placement of the L-shaped structure on the site that invite the afternoon sun to the courtyard. A bespoken plan with artistic ambitions.​ 

Shared 3rd Prize

Author: Anna Tegay, Student MPARC Prize: 2 000 SEK
HOME FOR MOTHER is a L-shaped volume that opens to the sun. The simplicity of the street elevation with only one window and a plan that doesn’t make any mistakes. The kitchen as the main room closely connected to the garden. Everything in its right place well connected to the modest, grounded, and pragmatic Mothers wish.​

Shared 3rd Prize

Author: Erika Klein, Student MPARC Prize: 2 000 SEK
BACK TO SQUARE ONE is slightly elevated from the landscape and placed on pillars instead of standing on the ground. Surrounded with a deck connected with a ramp from the street side. The deck is covered with a generous roof creating shelter for both outdoor circulation and the building. Well-proportioned rooms with sublime change of direction between different spaces. Simple but exclusive at the same time. A well-executed plan with everything in its right place.


Author: Lis Ejdemo, Student MPARC   
TOMRUM has a directed circulation both in plan and section with its axiality and side ordered functions. Simple room units in a complex composition creates a 3-dimensional building envelope brought together by a strait roofline. Mass creates voids and the building tells the inhabitants how to act. By exploring the building, the spaces will unfold.​

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