Workshop and lab

RobotRobotlab is for Material Actuation and Kinetic Experiments. Robotlab is used by researchers and students from Architecture and Civil Engineering. They conduct experiments on Fabrication, Rapid Prototyping, Robotics, and other complex processes for construction and building procedures. The lab is located in direct access to Betonghallen where it provides the base for large scale prototyping activities. The lab contains four overlapping themes of activity.

  • Prototyping electronics and robotics.
  • Small scale wood, metal and plastics work.
  • Wet area for various casting.
  • Large scale robotic fabrication. 

More information:

Peter Lindblom

Karin Hedlund

Architecture workshop

Students in architecture are free to use the workshop, A-verkstaden. It is equipped with machines, some digital machines and tools for woodworking, and we also supply some materials for model making like cardboard, wood, foam, plastic etc.​

Published: Fri 25 Jan 2019.