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Centres at Architecture and Civil Engineering

​The centres of the department coordinate research and utilization.
Research centres established by Chalmers' president:

Centre for Healthcare Architecture, CVA

The Centre for Healthcare Architecture conduct research and graduate studies and encourage education and training within the field of physical environments for care. The establishment takes place in collaboration with Forum for Healthcare Building, which is a cooperation between all Swedish county councils, a number of major municipalities and architectural firms active within Healthcare Architecture.
Contact: Peter Fröst, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Centre for Housing Architecture, CBA

Centre for Housing Architecture is a national arena in Sweden for dissemination of knowledge, discussion and development and research on housing and residential architecture.
Contact: Ola Nylander, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Centre for Management of the Built Environment

CMB is Sweden's principle forum for management issues relating to the built environment. CMB was established in 1998 as a long-term collaboration between Chalmers University of Technology and Sweden's built environment sector. Our overall objective, in an ever more complex environment, is to promote a modern approach to management that contributes to a sustainable built environment.
Contact: Bengt Christensson, Kristin Fridholm, CMB

Digital Twin Cities Centre

Digital Twin Cities Centre will develop the concept of digital twins for cities by modeling and simulating the city as a complex multi-physics system based on real-time data.   

Contact: Anders Logg, Mathematics and Minna Karstunen,


FRIST, Forum for Risk Investigation and Sustainable Technology

FRIST (Forum for Risk Investigation and Sustainable Technology) is a competence center for sustainable treatment of contaminated materials and environments. We cooperate with public and private organizations in doctoral projects, via industrial assistant professors, and through contract research and masters studies.
Contact: Lars Rosén, Geology and Geotechnics, Ann-Margret Strömvall, Water Environment Technology


Structural Engineering Centre

The Structural Engineering Centre will provide a base for efficient and wide-scale collaboration between the various players in the construction industry in order to help develop and strengthen expertise in structural engineering technology. The starting point is for Chalmers to work with companies in the construction sector, along with representatives for the large-scale users, to create, support and expand their competence in the field.
Contact: Mohammad Al-Emrani, Structural Engineering
Architecture and Civil Engineering

Research centres established by Architecture and Civil Engineering:

Centre for the Built Environment

Contact: Lotta Särnbratt, Architecture and Civil Engineering

DRICKS, Framework programme for drinking water research at Chalmers

DRICKS, the framework programme for drinking water research at Chalmers - from raw water to the tap, started in 2003 when Swedish Water Development (SVU, formerly VA-Forsk), made a long-term investment in R&D in the field of drinking water. DRICKS aims to remain a leading centre of research in the field of drinking water, raw water, processing and distribution, in close partnership with industry members.
Contact: Thomas Pettersson, Water Environment Technology

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