Matter Space Structure

ACEX35, Masters’ thesis direction, 2019/2020

"Celebrating an artistic approach to architectural design."
In the MSS_Studio, we celebrate an artistic approach to architectural design. We design directly from the phenomenon and constantly with our hands in the MATTER. Our attention is people and the SPACE we inhabit. Sustainable architecture must be specific and with empathy of everyday life. Our method is driven by a critical iterative STRUCTURE, in continuous loops, curious and experimental. Do first and think then.

In the studio, we insist that projects must be rooted in a CONTEXT. We divide the context into the DISCOURSE and the SITUATION.
The DISCOURSE is the academic and professional context. The studio projects have a clear understanding of the particular discourse (framing) they enter and the contribution they offer.
The SITUATION covers the complex contextual layers associated with the location of the project. The projects start from a particular place and an understanding of its urban and rural landscape, its topographical, cultural, historical, and social contexts.
The studio projects are structured into four phases: CONCEPTS, PROTOTYPES, PROPOSALS, NARRATIVES.
Initially the project starts with a number of alternative design CONCEPTS where basic ideas are introduced. The concepts are presented initially, almost spontaneously, as focus points for research topics, loose formations for integrated design, and a rough mock-up of the final presentation.
A project must generate new knowledge and offer innovative solutions to the problems of our time. In architecture, PROTOTYPES contain such knowledge and can be challenged as tangible design solutions with unique features to avoid that these general examples become dull stereotypes.
Yet, an architectural project is always an PROPOSAL. There must be a synthesis to the investigation. More or less elaborated, more or less detailed, but insisting on a core of a design application.
An architectural project is not the building itself, but the design of the building, a scheme that communicates the design to the team of constructors, of users, of authorities, of whoever are involved in building the proposed project. Therefore, architecture is communication and an architectural project must be communicated effectively as a NARRATIVE.
Supervisor: Johannes Luchmun / architect
Supervisor: Jonas Carlson / architect, artistic senior lecturer
Examiner: Morten Lund / architect, artistic professor
Supervisor: Peter Christesson / artist, lecturer

Published: Mon 15 Jan 2018. Modified: Fri 11 Jan 2019