Blended learning

In the spring of 2015, Chalmers started a central support operation to promote and facilitate ICT components in teaching (called Support for blended learning).

Blended learning support will:

  • Ensure that the design of the support is such that it strengthens the pedagogy in Chalmers' education
  • Provide technical and pedagogical support to teachers who wish to implement blended learning
  • Select, recommend and provide equipment and software for the production of blended learning components
  • Evaluate the conditions for and learning in the new approaches and spread knowledge about successive experiences primarily within Chalmers, but also nationally and internationally
  • Capture the need for support
  • Disseminate good examples and knowledge of successive experiences
  • Promote reflection and evaluation of blended learning
  • Promote a community of practice in blended learning
  • Make knowledge of higher education pedagogical research and practice in blended learning available ​

For more information, visit the Blended Learning website or contact​

Page manager Published: Mon 22 Nov 2021.