The department’s research

Research on communication

At CLS, we research learning and communication, knowledge sharing and knowledge organization in higher education and in the academic environment in a broad sense. In simple terms; here we are interested in how researchers communicate their research, how teachers teach, how students learn and how teaching and learning can be developed and improved. Part of our research also includes library and information science, especially bibliometrics (bibliometric methods and models).

With an eye on lifelong learning

Our research helps to understand the best conditions for learning and the most effective methods of teaching. It helps students to develop independence, critical thinking and also overall: the ability to communicate and learn in different situations with a focus on a lifelong perspective. These are skills that are absolutely necessary, especially given that digitalisation and internationalization are changing education and society. Our research in library and information science contributes to increased knowledge about strategic publishing and problematization of gender in publishing research. 

Unique environment

The research environment at CLS is unique - much because of our genuinely interdisciplinary nature. Here we have the advantage that we work close to each other, metaphorically and literally. This means that we can address research issues together as soon as they arise, create collaborations in a natural way and can more easily benefit from each other's expertise.

Here you will find our research projects and here are our publications.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our Deputy Head of Research and Postgraduate Education Hans Malmström. ​​

Page manager Published: Fri 19 Nov 2021.