Visiting Scholar Program

Visiting researchers are valuable additions to the research community

Visiting researchers at CLS contribute to strengthening the research environment at the department, promoting collaborative and internationalization work and developing our research networks, both at individual and departmental level.

We offer several guest research stays each year, ranging from one week to three months. The guest researcher stay must clearly contribute to the development of the research environment and have a strategic value for CLS. Visiting researchers do not receive a salary from the department, but can apply for funding to cover travel and accommodation costs for the time of stay.

Each stay unique

An employee or department at CLS hosts the guest researcher throughout the stay and we design each stay individually, based on the purpose and research focus and nature. Interested researchers are invited to contact a prospective research host at CLS and the application is always submitted by an employee.

Otherwise, you can contact our Deputy Head of Research and Postgraduate Education Hans Malmström​ for more information .

Page manager Published: Mon 22 Nov 2021.