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The Division for Language and Communication (DLC) provides teaching in Chalmers’ undergraduate, master’s and postgraduate studies and professional education and courses for teachers and researchers. The division’s educational tasks at Chalmers include courses and subject-oriented communication training in academic and language-related writing and various forms of technical and scientific communication. An essential part of the work of the division is that courses and training, provided in Swedish and English, are designed as far as is possible in collaboration with heads of subjects and heads of programmes to provide optimum support in discipline-specific writing and learning. 

There are also some optional courses that are open to all Chalmers students. More information on the courses is available below.

he division is home to the Chalmers Writing Centre (CWC), where students can book writing tutorials with trained tutors. CWC is on both Chalmers campuses and instruction is given in Swedish and English. Students can also book times at CWC to practise presenting, for example, or get help improving their presentations. Read more about the Chalmers Writing Centre​.

ptional courses in English and Communication 

All courses are 7.5 credits. For more information please visit student.portal.chalmers​

CLS045 Global and intercultural competence (Quarters 3 and 4)
Target group: all students at Chalmers
Aim: Since many students will work in global and interdisciplinary environments, the skills to do this are increasingly in demand. This course focuses on the key areas that a globally competent student should be aware of, in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. In addition, this course trains communication skills for working in these environments.

FSP055 English (Quarters 1,2 and quarters 3,4)
Target group: basic to intermediate students of English
Aim: To strengthen students’ ability to speak, write and understand English.

FSP046 English for Engineers (Quarters 1,2)

Target group: upper intermediate to advanced students of English
Aim: To enable students to reach an academic level of proficiency in English. This means developing their ability to write and present reports in English and also to prepare them to use English in a professional setting.

LSP530 Fiction for Engineers (Quarters 1,2)
Target group: upper intermediate to advanced students of English
Aim: To promote and enhance the creative and argumentative strengths of engineering students through relatively advanced studies of literature in English. The course also introduces alternative ways of thinking and values and the discussion of the role of art and literature in society.

LSP505 Technical Writing for Master’s Studies (Quarters 3,4)
Target group: upper intermediate to advanced students of English
Aim: To work with effective and strategic writing processes at Master’s level through a number of writing assignments directed at typical Master thesis elements.

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