Generic and transferable skills - GTS

For an even better doctoral education
The postgraduate education at Chalmers must be of the highest international class. The doctoral students' work must be characterized by scientific depth, the ability to see their work from a broad societal perspective and a good ability to communicate research results to the outside world.

As a step to further develop doctoral education, Chalmers started educational initiatives in 2012 to strengthen young researchers' generic skills. The business is called Generic & transferable skills (GTS).

Apart from a good research environment and subject-specific specialization courses, GTS offers formal education in the areas
  • communication
  • pedagogy
  • leadership
  • networking
  • utilization

Through interdisciplinary working groups and outward-looking activities, we offer doctoral students opportunities to create new networks to test, practice and enhance the communicative ability to collaborate. The goal is to deepen the personal and professional skills that help the researcher to make themselves visible in the labor market, address complex societal challenges and contribute to a sustainable society. 

Page manager Published: Mon 22 Nov 2021.